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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


Episode 319
June 28, 2019

BBQ Myths Busted! Meathead Goldwyn Breaks Your Bad Grilling Habits

From soaking wood chips to grill marks, Meathead Goldwyn is here to set the record straight on grilling’s biggest myths. Plus, Christina Ward tells the story of American advertising cookbooks, complete with recipes such as Ham Banana Rolls and Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake; we discover a two-ingredient cheese sauce; and Alex Aïnouz explains the Japanese art of kintsugi.

We want to hear your culinary tips! Share your cooking hacks, secret ingredients or unexpected techniques with us for a chance to hear yourself on Milk Street Radio!

Questions in this Episode:

“I called a few months ago about wanting to reproduce a green sauce I had in Frankfurt. I now want to report back on my results.”

“The recipes that I would most like to convert from 2" deep cake pans to a Bundt pan are those made with fresh fruits or vegetables such as zucchini cake, fresh apple cake, carrot cake, etc. Do these types of cakes adapt better to Bundt type pans?”

“What are your thoughts on roasting bones before preparing stock?”

“I would cook a lot more if I didn’t hate zesting so much. I read a recipe, it sounds yummy and doable, then I get to the ingredient that calls out X teaspoons of lime or lemon or orange zest. That ends the buzz for me. I know I’m missing a lot out of culinary life.”

“I recently came across a recipe for a lemon sheet cake that calls for self-rising flour. Is there an acceptable alternative?”

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