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Episode 114
June 9, 2017
Originally aired on February 11, 2017

Dorie’s Cookies (Rerun)

Dorie’s Cookies (Rerun)

This week on Milk Street Radio, master baker Dorie Greenspan remembers her experiences with Julia Child.

“When I first met Julia ... she said, ‘Have you ever seen the Dan Aykroyd Saturday Night Live skit? You know, where Dan Aykroyd imitates me?’ She stood up and did the entire routine, so I got to watch Julia imitating Dan Aykroyd imitating Julia.”

Also on today’s show, wine expert Stephen Meuse decodes vintage wines, we offer our recipes for high-heat scrambled eggs and Georgian Chicken Soup, Nigella Lawson gives us a quick Tuesday night meal, and Sara Moulton and Christopher Kimball take your calls.

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