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Episode 321
July 12, 2019

From Prison Chef to Executive Chef

From Prison Chef to Executive Chef

Chef Jeff Henderson tells us about his underground catering business behind bars, what it was like to cook for Rosario “Sal” Gambino, and what he makes for his vegan kids at home. Plus, Yara Elmjouie unpacks the history of MSG-phobia in America; we discover the real Sicilian Caponata; and Adam Gopnik discusses the world’s most challenging dishes to make at home.

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Questions in this Episode:

“Isn't letting meat come to room temperature before you cook it a myth?”

“Can you give me tips on choosing a perfect avocado? Even when they feel like the perfect ripeness, they are frequently brown and spotty inside. It’s always a gamble.”

“I was reading your article discussing Taiwanese beef noodle soup, and you mentioned rendering beef fat in place of cooking oil. You then said cooks would do well to learn that lesson. And I thought, ‘yeah, I agree.’ So, give me that lesson.”

“My dacquoise ALWAYS sink dramatically. Any suggestions, tips, hints?”

“I have heard many chef say to not use good EVOO to cook with and to only use for raw uses. Why would using a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook with be any different than using a good wine to cook with?”

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