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Best Practice Reheating Steak

This may sound silly, however it is something we need help with in practice. It happens more often than not that we have these beautiful steaks that we don't finish at dinnertime. What is the best method to reheat this so it doesn't get overcooked, dry or chewy. Most of the time we want to use it to top a salad the next day. Any insight? Thanks.


  • Hi Ramona - Unfortunately, I think it's pretty difficult to reheat steak without overcooking it. The most successful method I've found is to reheat in a low oven (200-250 degrees) and then sear quickly in a hot pan. This can take at least 30 minutes, however, and the steak can still become a bit dry. Since I don't really mind cold steak on a salad, I often make our Thai Beef Salad using leftover steak (assuming it is simply seasoned with salt and pepper) when I'm looking for a quick, no-cook meal on a hot summer day. Hope this helps and thanks for writing us! Best, Lynn C.

  • I like to slice leftover steak and then very gently rewarm it in fat, butter or a sauce. If you keep the temp of the cooking fat/liquid relatively low (for example, med rare steak temp is ~135F) you can avoid overcooking the steak when you rewarm.

  • A sous vide is great to reheat and if add a bit of liquid it will stay moist and not cook further. We do it all the time with beef, steak and seafood.

  • If The steak is large I cut it into two portions then under cook the “leftover.” Use toaster oven “reheat” mode-cover with tinfoil.

  • I make my own sous vide - seal the steak in an airtight plastic bag (make sure it's waterproof), submerge in a bowl of 140* water until warmed through. You could sear it in a pan if you want the crispy exterior, but hey - it is a leftover. It's not as wonderful as fresh off the grill, but very acceptable.

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