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Using different types of soy sauce

I splurged and got all the types of soy sauces in the Milk Street store. I tried to use the white soy sauce as part of a salad dressing for kale but I think it got masked.

Any guidance on how to use the various types?



  • Hi David - In general, we recommend using all of our specialty soy, tamari, and shoyu in their raw form so we don't compromise their delicate flavor. Some suggestions - dipping sauce for fish, chicken, or tofu, drizzled over mild-flavored vegetables or rice, salad dressing, marinades (but only the bolder flavored Smoked , Black Garlic, and Matsutake Shoyu) etc. So you had the right idea by using the Takuko White Soy Sauce in a salad dressing! I think what may have masked the flavor was your choice of greens. Kale is a hearty green with a lot of bold flavor that likely overpowered the soy sauce. I would instead recommend using bibb, green or red leaf lettuce, or spring mix, which are all mild enough to keep the delicate flavor of the white soy sauce intact. Both the Takuko White Soy Sauce and the Nitto Jozo White Tamari would also be excellent with sushi or sashimi. The Haku Smoked Shoyu would be fantastic drizzled over grilled meats, especially salmon, pork, or lamb. The Black Garlic Shoyu (or, really, any of the soy, shoyu, tamari in our store) would be great in the Tamari Dipping Sauce for our Japanese Fried Chicken. The Matsutake Shoyu is great in vegetarian dishes since the double umami hits of the soy and the mushrooms adds tons of meaty flavor. I also think it would be fantastic as a marinade for skirt, flank or hangar steak. Have fun experimenting with all of these distinct sauces! Best, Lynn C.

  • Thanks for the hints! I’ll print this and keep in my cupboard door. I can’t wait to try the Matsutake Shoyou with perhaps the recipe this week of pasta, spinach and shiitake mushrooms

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