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Portugese Sweet Potato Rolls

While this is pertinent to this recipe, I would like comments on saving and freezing for all recipes as I many times cook in advance or with just 2 of us have leftovers. Do these freeze well? I have a large group over for Thanksgiving and make homemade English muffins in the morning. These look like a great option. Also, I concur with another member that I really like the option of making comments on a recipe, if just for myself based on what I've done. I'd like a more interactive recipe site. I mostly use the online version as opposed to searching for the mag unless it just came. Love Milk Street though. Love the interesting dishes.


  • Hi Beth - Thanks for your question! We haven't tested make ahead instructions for this recipe but, in general, breads and rolls freeze pretty well. For yeast doughs most experts recommend freezing the dough before shaping due to the potential for moisture loss. In the case of dinner rolls (in particular these super-moist sweet potato rolls), we prefer shaping, freezing, then allowing the dough to thaw/rise at room temperature on the day you want to bake them. It saves a lot of work on the day of and I think most people won't notice the small loss of moisture. I do this all the time with very lean dinner rolls and nobody complains! Although you could bake and freeze the rolls I think you would lose a lot of the benefits/joys of having freshly-baked rolls. If you decide to go that route, just make sure to wrap them well (either in plastic and then foil or a freezer zipper top bag) to protect them from freezer burn. For freezing shaped rolls, I like to freeze on the sheet and then transfer to a freezer zipper top bag. That way I can easily pull out a couple at a time for quick, freshly-baked rolls. Hope that helps! Best, Lynn C.

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