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Amounts of Pasta in your recipes

Dear Milkstreet,

I love your recipes! However, I do not understand why all your pasta recipes include only 12 ounces of pasta. Almost all pasta in the U.S. comes in a 1lb. container (16 ounces). This is wasteful (and honestly, it doesn't really change the experience ALL THAT MUCH if you use all 16 ounces in your recipes). Wouldn't it be simpler to just formulate the recipes for a pound of pasta? Thanks!


  • Hi Patrick - We used to call for 12 ounces of pasta because we were trying to abide by certain portion-size recommendations that call for 3 ounces of pasta for a single serving (so 3 oz. x 4 servings = 12 oz.). That being said, we are constantly reading and evaluating customer feedback and, therefore, we will now be calling for 1 lb. of pasta in our pasta recipes. Thanks for being a fan! Best, Lynn C.

  • Glad to hear you are changing to 1 lb. of pasta in your recipes. I also thought that the 12 oz measurement was wasteful and I do not like to have those boxes with just a little pasta taking up space in my cupboard. We can still choose to abide by the recommended serving size and have leftovers for lunch the nest day or we can just eat a little extra of those delicious pasta dishes.

  • When I encounter these recipes, I just adjust the recipe by dividing each ingredient by 3, then multiplying by 4, so I can use the whole box.

  • Which leads to the next question---will the sauce recipes be scaled up for 1 pound of pasta as well? Or will we be making a sauce that balances just right for 12 ounces of pasta and using it on a pound of pasta, thus getting less sauce per bite of pasta?

  • Hi Rita - Yes! Going forward all recipes will be scaled for 1 lb. of pasta. Best, Lynn C.

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