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Fresh pasta lasagna, to cook or not to cook.

I'm planning to make a lasagna with fresh pasta but have run into some inconsistencies. More traditional methods recommend cooking or blanching the pasta before layering, but in the past I've just put it in fresh without any problems. I know it can turn out just fine this way, that even some dried pastas can be done in this manner, but might I be missing out on a perfectly smooth, gelatinized noodle by not boiling and setting first?

If anyone has done a side by side comparison I'd love to hear about it.


  • Hi Justina - Thanks for your question! We've never done a side-by-side test of "raw" vs. pre-boiled (or soaked) fresh lasagna noodles, but my guess is that what you've found is true - there is really no need to pre-boil the fresh noodles. I would give a couple of caveats though - you want to make sure your sauce is pretty loose so there is enough moisture there to cook the noodles but not dry out the lasagna. Also, make sure to cover the lasagna with foil for the majority of the cooking time to trap the heat allowing the noodles to cook through. Remove the cover with about 10-15 minutes left to go to brown the top.

    I think, traditionally, the goal of pre-cooking was to season the noodles themselves by boiling them in well-salted water. It's my opinion that the sauce and cheese will do a fine job of seasoning the noodles and skipping pre-boiling will save far more time and hassle! Hope this helps! Best, Lynn C.

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