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Molasses vs. Pomegranate Molasses

Your chewy Molasses Spice Cookies got me thinking since I'm not a huge fan of mild or robust molasses most of the time. Though I do adore pomegranate molasses. I'm wondering about the qualities of the kinds and how differently they might cook up & bake. I did substitute the pom for regular in a Shoo-Fly Pie and it was really good . . . but my spouse usually makes those "on the fly" so one never truly knows til it's done what it is going to be. Saturday's was pretty dry.

In any case . . . Thanks! Blessings!


  • Pom Molasses generally isn't an even swap for regular molasses. Its made by reducing down pomegranate juice to a sticky syrup and doesn't have quite the same viscosity or sweetness as conventional molasses. If regular molasses doesnt gut it for you, might I just swapping out Lyle's Golden syrup or treacle? Milder flavor, but same basic texture and sweetness.

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