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Bay leaves

Chris commented that he dislikes bay leaf. A recent commentator called and said he grinds them which I have done for years in order to make heirloom melon gazpacho, a recipe from Tierra Sur. I too grind the dried leaves in a blade type coffee grinder that I use as a spice mill. My nuance is that I tap the ground powder into a small tight tea stainer and sieve away the larger pieces and save the dust into a little jar. Amazing stuff.


  • That's a great tip for bold bay flavor without having to pick out bay leaves. You could add peppercorns, thyme, chili peppers, etc for a more complex blend.

    I use bay leaves by the handful in roasted vegetables to add aroma and flavor. My family is used to picking leaves out of there food! Its easy to underestimate the capacity of bay leaves to add flavor. We've even got sweet desserts flavoured with bay--the flavor cuts through monotone sweetness to add dimension.

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