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Balanced meal made completely with canned foods.

I’m looking for one tasty and balanced dinner meal idea (meaning 1 quarter protein, 1 quarter carbohydrates, and 1 half vegetables) that is made completely from healthy canned foods (not canned ready-to-eat meals) and basic pantry spices. What are some ideas other than spaghetti and tuna casserole?


  • Hi Lesa - my number one choice for a balanced meal from canned goods is a canned bean stew. Bloom some ground spices in oil, then add beans and broth or coconut milk and dried herbs. You can add canned diced tomatoes, canned vegetables (canned spinach, peas, and corn are decent options) and finish with jarred pickled veggies like jalapeños or giardiniera, balsamic vinegar, or pomegranate molasses. There is a viral chickpea stew on the internet (just google "the stew") that would be a good option using dried versions of the fresh aromatics called for in the recipe and canned spinach for the fresh greens. Happy canned cooking! Best, Lynn C.

  • This is something I've been wondering about, too! We've been eating beans made with canned tomatoes over rice with a Tarka for flavor. Are frozen veggies on the table? I keep green peas on hand for this purpose.

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