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To maintain flavor should bacon be cooked slow (low heat) or hot? We prefer crispy vs. wimpy bacon.


  • Go to FOOD52 for a very good discussion of bacon cooking methods - I have tried all of these methods and although there is a lot of enthusiasm for the microwave method (very crispy, it's true) I agree that the taste is off. The rimmed baking sheet method is the winner hands down but takes longer. I have also tried adding water to the skillet and this does give you a slightly more evenly cooked result but still not perfect. However, the smell of cooking bacon on the stovetop is a critical part of the process for me so I stick with a large cast iron skillet and use medium-low heat. Maybe not the best method but it does get people out of bed in the AM.

  • I cook on medium-high to high, but I turn the bacon over a few times so it cooks evenly on both sides. Works every time and I can cook it to whatever degree of crunchy-ness people want.

  • Thick cut in the oven at 350*!!! Sure it might take longer, but I'm cooking the rest of breakfast while the bacon is cooking so no big deal there. LOL Best Bacon Ever!

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