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Cold Pasta Salad

I am making pasta salad for a party. I am going to make my own melon, probably fettuccine. I was thinking of doing a cold pasta version of this. Besides maybe making the pasta cool down after the cheese and everything is added. Are there any other suggestions? Sauce should still be okay still in theory. ‪‬


  • Also just found out someone is allergic to nuts so I was thinking of adding lemon zest/juice to the sauce. Wouldn’t that balance out the acidity with the arugula?

  • Hi Adam - We haven't tested this recipe as a cold pasta salad, but I don't think the goat cheese mixture would yield a creamy sauce in the same way if it's done on cool pasta. The arugula also won't wilt. My recommendation would be to try adding some of the hot pasta water to the goat cheese-oil mixture to try to melt the cheese and then adding that to the cool pasta and arugula. This would coat the pasta better, but I do worry that the goat cheese might become chalky once it's chilled. I would probably not add lemon juice because that might be a bit too tangy, but a little lemon zest mixed in with the cheese-oil mixture might work. I would also chop the arugula into smaller pieces, since it's not going to wilt in the sauce. Finally, this might be best as a room temperature pasta salad than a truly cold one. Again, we haven't tested this but these would be my suggestions to try to make it work. Good luck! Best, Lynn C.

  • Thanks I will let you know how it turns out!

  • Okay I went a little off my original idea. I made homemade pasta. Gave it a cold rinse. Combined the argula, goat cheese, spinach. Last for the dressing, I combined tomato vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper. Mixed with black pepper. It was a big hit.

  • Hi Adam - Thanks for getting back to us with the results. Sounds like it ended up being a great dish! Best, Lynn C.

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