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Alternate to stand mixer

I don't have a stand mixer, are there techniques I can use?


  • Hi Tim - You can generally use a hand mixer for most recipes that call for a stand mixer - cakes, cookies, etc. One exception would be when making and kneading yeast doughs. You can, however, do this by mixing the dough together with your hands or a wooden spoon and then kneading the dough by hand on the countertop. If you don't have a hand mixer, you can mix most cookie dough and cake batter by hand using a wooden spoon or whisk, depending on the thickness of the batter or dough. It just requires a little more elbow grease! Best, Lynn C.

  • If you are short on space, (my issue), the Bosch compact mixer folds down and is pretty light for easy stowing away. It has a pretty powerful motor, and you can purchase a stainless bowl (upgrade) for it. It works wonderfully. It’s not blingy at all like the Kitchenaid, but I’m happy to not have another heavy klunky thing on my counter.

  • Great suggestion, Stacy! I'm excited to hear you've had good luck with an alternative stand mixer. Best, Lynn C.

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