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Charter Insider Member online cooking classes

The information on becoming a Charter Insider member mentioned "Free access to select online cooking classes". Which classes are these referring to and how do I access them? The online cooking class doesn't list these.


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    Hi Jenny. I had the same trouble finding them when I signed up as an Insider. You can find them here (there are two free classes ... one on spices and one on veggies):

  • Hi Jenny and Carrie -

    Thanks for being Insiders. The two classes included in your membership are Advanced Techniques: Vegetables and The Spice Kitchen. When you are logged in as an Insider you can register for those classes for free by clicking on the links in your Insider account page. You'll be asked to set up a profile and password for our online cooking school, hosted by Teachable. Make sure to remember this in case you want to purchase any of our other classes in the future. You can always contact [email protected] with questions about all things cooking school!


    Rosemary Gill, Director of Education

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