Dear Milk Streeter,

This month I feel a bit like Elmer Fudd with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in my favorite cartoon of all time, Rabbit Seasoning. Given everything going on at Milk Street these days, it’s hard to keep track.

First off, our editorial director J.M. Hirsch just got back from Cape Town, South Africa, where he had an amazing barbecue (or braai to the locals) experience at Mzoli’s, an eatery in one of the more turbulent townships, Gugulethu. Raw meat, smoke, grilling, spicy sauce, no utensils, loud music and people jumping up and down yelling “Inyama! Inyama! Inyama!” or “Meat! Meat! Meat!” in several languages, including Zulu and Xhosa. It's an amazing story, and J.M. brought back the local recipe for piri piri chicken, which is fantastic barbecue—spicy, sweet and bright red. Yes, you can eat it with fork and knife. Subscribers should be getting their issues in the mail soon; online members have immediate access to the new issue now.

Next up, our live stage show launches in September with a ticket pre-sale that starts today. We are visiting many cities around the country and premium ticket holders get a private book signing after the show. (Our first cookbook is being released September 12.) For cities, dates and ticket info, click here.

I just made our Moroccan Ginger-Lemon Chicken Skewers from the July-August issue and they were so good I decided to make the recipe free to everyone for a short time. They marinate for just 15 minutes, then spend just 10 minutes on the grill. I made them twice in one weekend—delicious!

Lots of travel coming up including Japan, France, Senegal, New Mexico, Vancouver, Rome, Singapore, Vietnam and Eastern Europe to find new ideas/recipes to bring back to Milk Street. Have a recipe or a place you want us to visit? Just send J.M. a note at

And, of course, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television launches in September across the country. Check our website in late summer for local markets and broadcast times. Every market is different.

Finally, a tip about flavoring whipped cream for summer desserts. It’s easy and a million times better than the plain stuff.

Also, summer school is starting at Milk Street! Check out our new classes, including a Recipe Developer Workshop, a Milk Street Travels: Thailand class and a special evening session with local Boston chefs who bring us behind the scenes in the world of restaurants.


Christopher Kimball
Founder, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street