Most bakers know that measuring by weight—rather than volume—is the best way to get consistent results. When using volume, differences in equipment and measuring styles can produce variations in the quantities of otherwise identical ingredients.

But while weights for flours and sugars are frequently referenced, we rarely see them for less common ingredients, such as shredded coconut and dried fruit. Yet many are challenging to measure by volume.

For example, ingredients with irregular shapes—such as whole walnuts—often don’t fit neatly into measuring cups. So we selected 26 ingredients, measured each by volume multiple times, then averaged the weights of the volumes to determine a standard weight for each.

ItemWeight (grams per cup)
Almonds, chopped134
Almonds, sliced93
Almonds, slivered130
Almonds, whole147
Cashews, chopped142
Cashews, whole129
Chocolate, chopped150
Chocolate chips164
Cocoa powder85
Coconut flakes, sweetened70
Coconut flakes, unsweetened54
Coconut shreds, unsweetened
Dried Apricots166
Dried Cherries150
Dried Cranberries130
Hazelnuts, chopped131
Hazelnuts, whole130
Oil, liquid206
Pecans, chopped114
Pecans, whole113
Pistachios, chopped129
Pistachios, whole144
Walnuts, chopped112
Walnuts, whole184