“I used to sit with my grandfather at our family ghee shop and observe how he conducted the business,” says Sandeep Agarwal of Pure Indian Foods.

“People would bring their own containers from home. My grandfather would take their container, weigh ghee, and give it to them. ... After pouring ghee into a customer's container, he would rub the few drops of ghee dripping on the side of the container onto his hands and face. As a result, his skin was flawless.”

Agarwal’s family has been making ghee for five generations in India and he brought those decades of knowledge to Pure Indian Foods, which he began with his wife, Nalini, in 2008. The duo now crafts not only ghee, but tangy Tamarind Date Chutney, fragrant Whole Garam Masala and silky Mango Puree.

“Nalini is superwoman behind the scenes; she hand-makes all our ghee and manages the manufacturing of all our products,” says Agarwal. “She deserves all the appreciation in the world. ... We’ve struck a balance; we delight in bringing traditional Indian foods to the American audience, as well as Indian expatriate communities that miss food from home.”

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Photos: Courtesy of Pure Indian Foods and Brianna Coleman