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Christopher Kimball visits Ana Sortun at her restaurant Oleana to learn a recipe for Turkish stuffed flatbreads.

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Episode 327
October 30, 2020
Originally aired on September 13, 2019

Catering to Lions, Tigers and Bears: The Life of a Zoo Chef

Catering to Lions, Tigers and Bears: The Life of a Zoo Chef

Every day, zoo chef Stacy Kyles prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for 600 animals at the Oakland Zoo. This week, we chat about how she feeds the pickiest eaters, how she celebrates birthdays at the zoo and what everyone eats—from watermelon-licking lions to smoothie-guzzling primates. Plus, we discover Tokyo’s Neapolitan pizza scene; we make a Greek-style risotto; and Dr. Aaron Carroll demystifies the latest study on eggs and health.

Questions in this Episode:

“I am interested in cooking French fries at home and have tried many times but I can’t seem to get that perfect crispy French fry. Are there any tricks? Do you have any advice?”

“Since my husband now has to eat gluten-free, desserts have become a little more of a challenge. I’ve made your Spanish Almond Cake recipe several times and it always gets rave reviews. Are there other recipes from other countries that are gluten-free and can also get me rave reviews?”

“I recently heard you talk about truffle oil and you seemed pretty against it. Can you expand on that?"

“How do you suggest I go about learning about new foods when I've never seen them on a menu or tasted them before?”

“Can you recommend ways for me to make very good gluten-free brownies?”

Stacy Kyles

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