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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


A carefree stuffing to satisfy even the strictest traditionalists

Easy-Bake Herbed Stuffing

2¼ hours 30 min active

Stuffing may well be the best part of Thanksgiving, a sponge to soak up gravy and any stray melting butter that escapes the mashed potatoes. But mincing and sautéing the aromatics that help turn bland bread tasty is tiresome. We speed things up – and maximize flavor – by giving butter, fresh herbs and raw shallots a whiz in the food processor, then using the resulting paste to season bread cubes while they toast in the oven. We found that any sturdy, high-quality sliced sandwich bread from the grocer worked well here. As the bread bakes, the raw bite of the shallots cooks off leaving behind a mellow tang. Chopped celery is tossed with melted butter and mixed into the bread, softening as the cubes toast. The mixture then is moistened with low-sodium chicken broth and a touch of cream before being baked to create a relatively carefree stuffing that will satisfy even the strictest traditionalists.

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