Miso Soup with Mixed Vegetables and Tofu

4 Servings

35 minutes

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Kenchinjiru is a Japanese vegetable and tofu soup that, if made the traditional way, is vegan. For ease, we use instant dashi (Japanese stock), which typically counts katsuobushi (bonito flakes) as a primary ingredient, so vegans and vegetarians take note. Look for instant dashi sold boxed or in packets in the international aisle of the supermarket or in Asian grocery stores. Follow the package instructions for preparing the 6 cups dashi needed for this recipe. Just a couple tablespoons of soy sauce adds color, seasoning and umami to the soup, and to further enrich it with salty-sweet notes, we also include some white miso.




Don’t forget to trim off the shiitake stems after the mushrooms are rehydrated. The stems are fibrous and tough and, unlike the caps, will not tenderize with additional cooking.

35 minutes


  • 6

    cups dashi (see headnote)

  • 4

    medium dried shiitake mushrooms


Juan G.
January 27, 2023
Delicious soup
Great and simple soup to make. It does requires a couple of ingredients that are not always in my pantry but worth making on a cold day.
Rose S.
June 2, 2022
Miso soup
I was doubtful but watched this being made online and even though I didn’t think anything with tofu in it would taste good I decided to go for it, and I’m glad I did!! I am only one person and I ate it all, over a three day period, sometimes twice a day! It’s light but filling and has an addictive taste. Four stars for sure!
Mia L.

This was a tasty soup! I added sweet potato and wakame to the broth and served over cooked udon noodles to serve as a main dish.