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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


Milk Street Recipe

Spaghetti Puttanesca

25 minutes

We think of puttanesca as a long-simmered dish built on anchovies. But in Naples, where the dish originates, it's a simple, bold skillet sauce made in minutes. And instead anchovies, Neapolitans add briny-savory flavor with two varieties of olives plus capers. We call for a generous amount of capers, which often are sold in small bottles or jars. When shopping, you will need two 4-ounce bottles to get the ½ cup drained capers needed for this recipe. So that the spaghetti is extra-flavorful and each noodle is seasoned throughout, we boil it in water for just 5 minutes—it will be underdone at the center—then finish cooking it directly in the sauce.

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