Chain hotels are serving shakshuka.

Hummus is the new onion dip.

Kissing don’t last, cooking do.

"An apple a day…” was just a marketing gimmick.

Food fraud is bigger than drugs.

There are second acts - Martha and Snoop Dogg.

Food and politics still resonate: Klobuchar famously ate a salad with a comb.

Fake food includes burgers.

You don’t need a recipe but actually you do.

Rachael Ray irons her own sheets and pillowcases.

The martini is back; it never went away.

You can find good Tibetan food in Lancaster, PA.

Food is still a retail business unlike everything else.

Every chef will have their own TV series some day.

McDonald’s revenue is declining; Shake Shack sales are increasing.

Cookbooks keep selling.

Big is down; small is up.

The only science we believe in these days is food science.

Red meat is not bad for you but maybe it is.

Artificial sweeteners kill far fewer people than sugar.

We talk local, buy global.

Israeli food is hot, German food is not.

And, within my lifetime, someone is going to ask, “Who was Julia Child?"

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