Marika Contaldo Seguso

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Marika Contaldo Seguso

Marika Contaldo Seguso

Marika Contaldo Seguso

Marika Contaldo Seguso has had a passion for food and entertainment since 1998, when she co-founded Acquolina Catering in New York. The company became a beloved resource for Italian culinary knowledge and had many celebrated customers, such as Nicola Bulgari, Salvatore and Chiara Ferragamo, Thomas Schumacher, Hillary Clinton and many others. After moving back to Venice with her family, Marika’s re-created Acquolina Catering and a boutique hotel, Villa Ines, from her own home in Venice Lido.

Villa Ines is a charming corner of paradise, where guests are plunged into real Venetian life and cooking. It has hosted celebrity guests during the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Globes and other international events. Marika’s focus nowadays is on her culinary classes, where she shares her inspiration and passion for seasonal and traditional Italian dishes. She recently published her first book, “Savour the Revealed Venice,” which is a true tribute to Venice: it is a small but previous guide for travelers who want a peek into the city Marika calls home.

Marika lives in Venice Lido with her husband and their four children.