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We chat about golf, Momofuku and why he loves really good cheap food.

In this episode, we take a look at Spanish classics. Watch now.

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Episode 401
January 15, 2021
Originally aired on January 3, 2020

Eat, Work, Love: Aarón Sánchez Up Close and Personal

Eat, Work, Love: Aarón Sánchez Up Close and Personal

We chat with superstar chef Aarón Sánchez about finding food, finding love and finding himself. Plus, we discover the history and nuance of the martini cocktail; we share our recipe for Norwegian salmon; and Dan Pashman makes a case for picky eaters.

Questions in this Episode

“Do you have any suggestions for making a wonderful homemade ketchup?”

“I went to a decent butcher and saw “Dairy Tenderloin” on sale for $7.99/Pound. I cut some up for Kebobs, which were marinated in a Mediterranean mixture for 8 hours and finally grilled over charcoal. The final dish tasted all right but I noticed a couple of the kebobs had a livery taste/texture. So, I’m wondering: 1. What’d I do wrong? 2. Can I prevent the liver flavor? 3. Is there something about the Dairy Tenderloin that contributes to this flavor?

“I have recipes for brown bread that call for baking or steaming in a 1-pound coffee can. Since coffee no longer comes in 1-pound cans and I can’t find any in kitchen stores or online, what do you suggest?”

“I’ve been using my mom’s recipe for pumpkin rolls for a few years, and I have been experimenting with making the recipe my own. However, we both struggle with the same part of the recipe - the bread. I’m currently using regular flour, but it cracks so easily when taken out of the pan or in rolling. What can do to make a stronger bread that won’t crack so easily when taken out of the pan or rolling it?”

“Do you know anything about the flavor compounds in maple syrup and maple sugar being affected by high heat during baking?”

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