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Episode 325
August 23, 2019

Adam Conover Ruins Everything

Adam Conover Ruins Everything

This week, Adam Conover, host of the truTV series “Adam Ruins Everything,” challenges the myth of killer Halloween candy, bogus detox diets and the ethics of buying avocados. Plus, David Burtka transforms parties into events; we throw together an amazing Andalusian Tomato and Bread Soup; and Adam Gopnik stumbles across the perfect meal on vacation in Greece.

This episode is brought to buy Made In Cookware and the New England Culinary Institute.

Questions in this Episode:

“I’m trying to imbue some flavor into a chicken salad. The salad is generally okay but the chicken had no flavor.”

“Would lower temperature grilling help to keep the skin intact when grilling a whole fish?”

“I'm always surprised to find that recipes for layer cakes don't give much guidance on how much frosting to put between the layers and on the top layer, ensuring that what's left for the sides is the proper amount for even frosting. Often you don't know until you slice it up whether or not you've done a good job balancing the amount of frosting between the layers and the outside. Do you have any advice on portioning out frosting?”

“We spoke a few months ago about freezing yeast dough. I’m calling back now to report my results.”

“I was curious about aquafaba. Is it possible to use the chickpea liquid as a substitute for eggs?”

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