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Episode 430
October 9, 2020

Chaat: Maneet Chauhan Loves Indian Street Food

Chaat: Maneet Chauhan Loves Indian Street Food

We ride the railroads of India with Maneet Chauhan to sample chaat: snacks like warm carrot pudding and chili-fried potatoes served at street stalls and train stations. Plus, Shannon Mustipher gives us a taste of tiki cocktails and culture; Bianca Bosker explains the appeal of ultra-peaceful cooking shows; and we make hearty Ethiopian Chickpea Stew.

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Questions in this Episode:

"I’ve been cooking with a lot of fresh tomatoes recently and found myself wondering: When cooked in stews, braises, or roasts, are all fresh tomatoes created equally?"

"I have a jar of preserved lemons, and outside of making something like a tagine, I'm not sure what to do with them. Do you have any suggestions?"

"My kids have 4H pigs. We recently had the meat processed and the pork neck bones were included. What can we do with them?"

"When I make pasta with mushrooms, it ends up disappointing. I've tried it with button mushrooms, chanterelles and porcinis, but it comes out pretty bland. What am I doing wrong?"

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