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Episode 407
February 28, 2020

Twinkies Gone Wild: Claire Saffitz Decodes Cheetos, Hot Pockets, Gushers and Oreos

Twinkies Gone Wild: Claire Saffitz Decodes Cheetos, Hot Pockets, Gushers and Oreos

This week, Claire Saffitz describes the trials and tribulations of creating famous snack foods on the Bon Appétit YouTube series “Gourmet Makes.” Plus, we talk to Ed Currie, the creator of the Carolina Reaper—the world’s hottest pepper; we transform chickpeas; and Alex Aïnouz brews beer at home using only ingredients found in a supermarket.

This episode is brought to you by Ferguson and Master Class.

Questions in this Episode:

“I’m failing miserably at baking bread. Any advice?”

“I was so excited to make bête noire. All the ingredients sounded great pepper! Could you tell me a viable, non-pepper substitute?”

“My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I was trying to cook a ham and I was trying to figure out a way to get that caramelized brown sugar taste without the brown sugar. Is there a way to caramelize date paste to make it a little more like the consistency of a caramelized brown sugar?”

“I’m searching for a recipe for a cheesecake, it’s an old family recipe. I’m wondering if you would have any ideas or recipes that might be helpful?”

Photo Credit: Alex Lau, Bon Appétit.

Claire Saffitz

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