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Episode 420
July 3, 2020

Oysters, Clambakes and Grilling Run Amok

Oysters, Clambakes and Grilling Run Amok

We chat with Mike Wiley of Eventide in Portland, Maine, who tells us how to shuck an oyster, the rules for the perfect clambake and his favorite often-ignored fish. Plus, we talk with chef and poet Omar Tate, who explores Black American culture and literature through food; Dan Pashman explains why he thinks grilling is overrated; and we find a fix for flavorless tomatoes.

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Questions in this Episode

“I’ve been using mozzarella in my pastas and it gets kind of gummy and isn’t delicious like mozzarella should be. Why is that and how I can melt it better?”

“As a general baking rule, what are the differences in using nut butter in lieu of nut flour for cake recipes. Can they be substituted, one-for-one (by weight), for example almond butter for almond flour?”

“I have a question about dipping sauces for chicken tenders. Can you give me some new ideas?”

“I have a food intolerance for onions. However, a lot of dishes require the use of onions in their recipes. What recommendations can you give for substituting onions in these dishes but without lacking flavor?”

“I have a few questions regarding a beef jerky recipe I saw online, which I would love to replicate, but noticed that I might have to replace some of the crude methods used with slightly more modern techniques.”

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