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Episode 422
July 24, 2020

Nailed It! Nicole Byer Bakes Funny

Nailed It! Nicole Byer Bakes Funny

Comedian and “Nailed It!” host Nicole Byer breaks down the art of improv, making it in the world of comedy and how to host a baking competition show when you know nothing about baking. Plus, we chat with Karl De Smedt, manager of the world’s only international sourdough library; J. Kenji López-Alt gives us a crash course on the best homemade fried rice; and we learn how to get a good char on Catalonian-inspired grilled vegetables.

Questions in this Episode:

“What does ‘over-rested’ mean? I first heard the term on Top Chef season 1. What does over-rested meat look like?”

“Usually when I am cooking dried beans the recipe will say to soak them in plain or salted water, and then to drain and rinse the beans before cooking them in the recipe. What I have noticed is that once the beans are done soaking in the first step, the water is always cloudy and I am thinking that whatever is now clouding the water surely came out of the beans. If I am tossing this liquid down the drain, am I losing nutrition or flavor that used to be in the beans?”

“I made crinkle cookies a few weeks ago and they didn’t crinkle. Do you know why this might be?”

“What temperature am I supposed to cook pork shoulder to? I have seen as low as 145 F and as high as 195 F.”

“I run a mac and cheese business and a couple of my recipes would be enhanced by some brown butter. Could you give me tips on how to get the perfect brown butter?”

“Why do chefs so adamantly prefer Y Peelers over Swivel Peelers?”

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