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Episode 112
January 21, 2017

Saffron Tales

Saffron Tales

This week on Milk Street Radio, Yasmin Khan gives us a closer look at Iranian food and her personal journey with it.

“I think saffron probably for me is the most evocative of all Iranian spices,” says Khan. “It has a very special kind of place in the Iranian home. I had a really wonderful experience with the woman whose farm I was visiting, Mehri. She was telling me all these tales of the different ways that they use saffron. I [had] recently separated from my partner at the time, and she insisted that she knew the perfect broken-heart saffron concoction. She made me a beautiful small glass of warm milk that she infused with saffron and a little bit of honey. It certainly warmed my heart.”

We’ll also offer our recipe for quick pork tapas and a tip for cooking pasta in its sauce. Dr. Aaron Carroll explores the truth about peanut allergies, Lior Lev Sercarz takes us inside the world of spices and, as always, Christopher Kimball and Sara Moulton take your calls.

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