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Episode 111
January 14, 2017

The Joy of Turkish Cooking

The Joy of Turkish Cooking

This week on Milk Street Radio, chef Ana Sortun unveils the secrets of Turkish cooking.

“I think the very first time I went to Turkey, I was invited to go study with a couple of women. One lived in the southeast of Turkey, and she organized a potluck that was put on by her friends where they all prepared a dish that was really special to them.”

“I tasted 30 of these dishes that day and I didn’t know what any of them were. I had never tasted anything like them before, so I didn’t necessarily feel like I had come home. But what I did know was that I wanted to understand what was behind them, [that] this was a really interesting way of cooking and that I really needed to know more.”

We also take a look at a Vietnamese-style weeknight dinner with Andrea Nguyen; wine expert Stephen Meuse explores the sommelier’s romance with one wine, and we offer our recipe for caramel oranges. And as always, Sara Moulton and Christopher Kimball take your calls.

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