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Episode 235
September 4, 2020
Originally aired on November 23, 2018

Tales from a Puerto Rican Kitchen: Von Diaz Mixes Coconuts and Collards

Tales from a Puerto Rican Kitchen: Von Diaz Mixes Coconuts and Collards

We chat with Von Diaz about the flavors of Puerto Rican cooking and the world’s best breakfast sandwich. Also on this week's show: Molly Yeh moves to Minnesota and trades Sichuan take-out for hotdish and beet farming; a recipe for chocolate-almond spice cookies; and Dr. Aaron Carroll says "no" to a new study on alcohol.

This episode is brought to you by Master Class.

Questions in this Episode

“I know Chris said on a recent episode that he makes his own vinegar and I’m looking at doing that as Christmas gifts for some of my family that like to cook. I’d be interested in hearing Chris and Sara discuss how that process works.”

“Assuming most home ovens only get to 550°F, what is the best pizza dough recipe, and what kind of pizza will it end up being more like (Neapolitan, Roman, etc.)?”

“I have a question about cream biscuits. Even though I’m a southern girl I’ve never really made great biscuits until I found a recipe for cream biscuits. They’re very simple but what I’m wondering is in most baked goods you’re supposed to have the liquids at room temperature but I know on biscuits your supposed to have the butter cold and the buttermilk or milk cold, so with cream biscuits since you don’t have a solid fat, should the cream be cold when you mix it into the flour and leavening or should it be room temperature?”

“Health aside, should I be using vegetable oil or canola oil for cooking and baking?”

Tales of a Puerto Rican Kitchen: Von Diaz Mixes Coconuts and Collards

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