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Instant Pot

Agrodolce Pork Loin with Grapes, Parsley and Hazelnuts

4 to 6 Servings

1 hour 10 minutes 35 minutes active

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Agrodolce is the Italian term for sweet and sour and is a flavoring combination typically paired with rich meats, such as pork. In this recipe, honey provides the sweet while balsamic vinegar adds the sour. We sear only one side—the fat side—of a pork loin roast, then pressure cook it on a rack above the liquid that later becomes the sauce. Make sure your pork loin will fit comfortably in the pot and don’t trim off the fat, as it adds richness to an otherwise lean cut. A simple salad of fresh parsley, red grapes and toasted hazelnuts makes this roast an elegant meal. To save time, prep the salad ingredients while the pork cooks.

4 to 6



Don’t opt out of using the rack. If the pork sits directly in the liquid, the texture of the submerged areas will be affected by the vinegar’s acidity. When making the sauce, don’t add all the butter at once and make sure to reduce the sauce until it is glossy and full-bodied. If the sauce breaks and the butter separates, stir in droplets of water until the sauce is once again shiny and emulsified.

1 hour 10 minutes

35 minutes active


  • 2-2½

    pound boneless pork loin

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper


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Ana G.
February 6, 2023
Best sauce ever
This recipe was easy to make and the pork came out super tender. The sauce! Wow, it’s exquisite! Easy and delicious! Thanks, I’ll never make my pork loin differently again.
Ingrid H.
January 9, 2024
Fantastic! Great recipe wouldn't change a thing
Anna F.
December 28, 2023
So easy and so tasty!
Delicious and moist. 10 minutes of work, 30 minutes of watching the pot. The only balsamic I had a cup of was pomegranate flavored, however it was very good quality, and it worked out well. Grapes were not at their best so they didn't add the fresh touch they could be but the meal was excellent and we will make it again. We look forward to a second meal or a lunch of Cubano sandwiches. I wonder about the possibility of cooking some baby potatoes in the pressure cooker while the meat is cooking. What might the pros and cons be and would the timing be ok for that? I rarely use my Instapot so am not good at improvising.
Thomas M.

I am brand new to Instant Pot (Father’s Day Present — with the book) and tried out this tonight. The sauce was delicious but the pork was dry, tough, and stringy. More pulled pork than sliced. Temp was between 180° - 200°

i am used to sous vide-ing pork to get the right temp & pinkness?

Shorter time? I did it on LOW pressure cook

Amber S.

I made this with chicken in a pan instead of in an instant pot (that's what I had), and it was delicious!

Thomas F.

I had a pork loin that was 2.5 lbs. and it turned out undercooked. I also cooked the sauce down for 10 minutes after adding the butter, and it turned out liked taffy when it cooled. I would recommend buying a 2lb. loin and reducing the cook time after adding the butter to 6-8 minutes.