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Brown Sugar Tart

8 Servings

1¾ hours 30 minutes active, plus cooling

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Using just egg yolks in the custard resulted in a silkier, creamier texture than whole eggs, and adding flour prevented the tart from forming a skin on top. We wanted the brown sugar layer to be distinct from the custard layer but found that adding a few tablespoons of the sugar to the custard mixture rounded out the flavor. And while light brown sugar worked fine, we preferred the deeper, more robust flavor of dark brown.




Don’t use old, hard brown sugar. If your sugar is clumpy and dry, it will never fully incorporate into the custard mixture. Buy a new bag, and once it’s open, keep it in a zip-top plastic bag with all the air pressed out.

1¾ hours

30 minutes active, plus cooling



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Mildred B.

Wow! The flavor is huge for so little ingredients. The crust is a dream to make and roll. The only problem I had was the top of the tart had a large crack on it. I just can’t figure out why. But this tart is soo amazing and easy to make.

Mildred B.

I figured out why I kept getting large cracks in the custard. It was by accident. I pushed snooze on my alarm and baked the crust for an extra 10 minutes. I was slightly under baking the crust. The crust needs to be very firm/set before putting the the custard in. Otherwise it will move while baking. No cracks and the custard set perfectly.

Heather G.

Thanks for the tip. Mine also had a crack after baking. How long did you cook the crust in total? 30 minutes with pie weights then 7 minutes without and then an extra 10 minutes on top of that?