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Sesame Noodles with Chicken and Scallions

4 Servings

30 minutes

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For this recipe, we use non-instant dried ramen (that is, not the kind sold 10 packages for a dollar). Ramen noodles get their golden hue from an alkali—not from egg—mixed into the dough. In addition to altering the color, the alkali makes the noodles chewier, bouncier and more resilient. These textural qualities mean that ramen is well-suited to noodle salads such as this one. Dried ramen is sometimes formed into squiggly-noodled bricks (similar to instant ramen) and sometimes spaghetti-straight strands. Noodles called chuka soba or chukamen will work, too. If Italian pasta is the only type of noodle available, see How to “Ramenize” Pasta. While you’re shopping for ramen, you may also want to look for containers of pre-toasted sesame seeds—they allow you to skip the step of toasting and cooling the seeds. If you like, toss shredded carrots or cucumber matchsticks into the noodles.




Don’t forget to rinse the noodles after draining. This washes off excess starch that otherwise would cause stickiness and also halts cooking so that the noodles don’t continue to soften.

30 minutes



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Mandy G.
September 10, 2022
awesome flavor
This takes a few minutes to prep but tis an easy to follow recipe and the flavor is fabulous.
Mary E.
February 2, 2023
Not as great as I expected.
It was good yes but not one I will repeat soon. I did add some diagonally sliced sugar snap peas that I blanched ever so slightly. I think I prefer sesame noodles with a hint of peanut butter, this dressing seemed a bit harsh. However we ate it all and it was fine dressed and eaten later!
Jo G.

Why can’t I use the instant package Ramen noodles- my store doesn’t carry the others now. Is it really that big a difference during pandemic I’m not going to several stores to find ramen noodles required by recipe.

Nick T.

Hi Jo G.,
Instant Ramen does not have the correct texture. As stated in the recipe description, "noodles called chuka soba or chukamen will work, too" or you can follow the steps to "ramenize" spaghetti. Understandably, this is definitely an unusual time with the pandemic, and shopping for groceries has definitely become more difficult. We hope that you are staying safe and well and hope that this helps in answering your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
The Milk Street Team

Eileen M.

Another winner recipe! I substituted frozen breaded chicken tenders for the shredded chicken, which was good, but would like to try the shredded chicken next time. I skipped the step of toasting the sesame seeds, as the seeds I had were already toasted. I had to special order the ramen noodles, as they were not available locally. Highly recommend the Mirin sold on this site! Overall, just delish! Served the leftovers cold for lunch today. Yummmm!

Debbie A.

This is such a great recipe. I added two grated carrots and about a third of an English cucumber. Out of concern for the leftovers, I did not dress the salad but served the wonderful dressing on the side. Has anyone dressed the whole dish and then ate the leftovers the next day? If so, how did it taste? I will make this again though we think a bit of spicy something might have been great. A delightful and beautiful dish.

Melinda Y.

The ramen noodles - I am seeing some made with wheat flour and some made with rice flour. Which is best for this receipe?

Janelle C.

Hi Melinda,

You can defer to your own personal tastes here. Both should work fine.

The Milk Street Team

Debbie E.

Where can I find the nutritional information for this recipe?