Cider-Braised Lentils with Apple-Radish Pickles

6 Servings

1 hour 15 minutes active

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French green lentils hold their shape with cooking and retain a firm, meaty bite. In this recipe their earthy, slightly peppery flavor pairs perfectly with the sweetness of apple cider and butter-sautéed shallots. For efficiency, prep the radishes and apple while the lentils simmer. You could serve this as a vegetarian meal, or for added savoriness garnish with ribbons of prosciutto. It's also a great accompaniment to garlicky sausages.




Don't substitute brown lentils for the French green lentils. Brown lentils have a milder flavor and softer texture, and cook much more quickly than green lentils.

1 hour

15 minutes active


  • 4

    tablespoons (½ stick) salted butter, divided

  • 4

    large shallots, sliced into thin rings, layers separated


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Derek L.
October 20, 2022
A new go to fall dish
Made this twice. It’s fantastic. The second time I used a fresh pressed cider from a Honeycrisp farm up here in Minnesota and it was definitely an improvement over the store bought stuff. The only thing I find questionable is the amount of salt in the pickle solution. 2 teaspoons for only 2 tablespoons of vinegar seems a bit much. It’s hard to get the salt to dissolve in only that much vinegar. I think you can safely reduce the salt to one teaspoon, but that’s just me.
Michele R.

I had a previous comment that I tried to edit for typo but hit 'delete' by mistake. But this is such a good recipe that I'll start over and get to the point that this is absolutely delicious. We expected it to be good given Milk Street origin and they're batting 1000 with us for reliably good outcome for all the lentil dishes we've tried from this site. But this was really remarkably good for us made per recipe. A couple of notes to offer: 1) The quick pickle apple-radish-shallot mixture will likely taste too salty at first but after about 90 min rest is just right - that said next time I'll reduce salt by a bit in this. 2) I made this a handful-minus hours ahead of time up to cook the lentils up to the point of removing the thyme sprig and before adding in the butter, fresh thyme and finishing vinegar. Then I reheated it and finished and all perfect for outcome. 3) Although the recipe recommends serving the goat cheese and quick pickle garnish separately on table for folks to add, I composed each dish in individual bowls to serve at the table. The presentation drew "ahhh..." when bowls were set down. Fun. I think I prefer that to 'add your own'.