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Cilantro-Tomato Omelet with Turmeric Butter

25 minutes

A simple, herbed tomato omelet shines in this recipe inspired by the flavors of southeast Asian egg dishes. To keep the flavors and texture distinct, tomatoes and eggs are cooked separately—the tomatoes get a quick drain on paper towels before being blistered in a hot skillet. Well-browned shallots make up the other half of the filling and cilantro, a full cup of it, is whisked directly into the eggs to fully incorporate the herbal impact. We use turmeric butter, made by briefly heating ground turmeric in melted butter, to cook both the eggs and shallots which infuses the dish with earthy flavor. Fish sauce may not be the first thing you think of as an accompaniment to eggs, but it's common in Asian cooking. In this case, it finishes off the omelet with a satisfyingly salty tang. For a heartier meal, try this with steamed rice and a plentiful sprinkling of bottled hot sauce.

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