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A rub and a wrap yield an easier version of a Cuban classic

Cuban-Style Pork Shoulder with Mojo Sauce

12½ hours 40 minutes active

To replicate the traditional flavor of sour Seville oranges in Cuban mojo sauce, we used a combination of juices and zest from limes and oranges. A relatively hot oven cooked the pork faster, and enclosing it completely in a packet of foil and parchment kept the meat moist, eliminating the need to baste (and to wash the roasting pan). We much preferred the flavor of the pork after seasoning for at least 8 hours. If pressed for time, 1 hour will suffice. A roll of 18-inch-wide heavy-duty foil was essential for sealing the pork, and 15-inch-wide kitchen parchment was ideal. Be careful when forming the packet. Tears or openings will lead the meat to dry out.

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