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Fingerling Potato Curry with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes

4 to 6 Servings

1¼ hours

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This fragrant vegetable curry gets its big, bold flavor from spices that are freshly ground plus a good amount of garlic and ginger. We like to use fingerling potatoes, which hold their shape well, and canned fire-roasted tomatoes which have a subdued smokiness. Fresh mint lightens and brightens the assertive flavors, but it’s not added until the end, so a good time to prep it is while the curry simmers. This is hearty enough to be a vegetarian main, with basmati rice or warm naan served alongside.

4 to 6



Don’t overprocess the spices. Pulse them in a spice grinder or pound them in a mortar with a pestle until they’re coarsely ground, not pulverized to a fine powder, so they add textural interest to the curry.

1¼ hours



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Rachael W.
July 6, 2023
This desc is empty
Jonathan M.

Meh. It's like potato marinara with Indian spices. OK as a side dish.

A J M.

I’ve really liked the flavors of this dish the two times I have cooked it though it seems to take a lot longer than specified to cook the potatoes. Is that due to amount of acid from the tomatoes? Is there a way around this, maybe adding some baking soda to increase the pH?

Lynn C.

Hi AJ -

Yes, the extended cooking time is due to the addition of tomatoes, but we always found they were fully cooked after the 40-45 minutes of cooking time. That being said, everyone's cooktop has a different heat output. We would probably recommend cooking them a bit longer while covered, 5-10 minutes more. The heat provided by the cover will help them cook faster. Hope that helps!

The Milk Street Team

William W.

Made this to go along with the Curried Ground Beef & Peas recipe from the Cookish book, and it was a big hit. The store didn't have fingerlings, so I cut up three Yukon Gold potatoes (1.5 lbs) to be fingerling-sized, and that worked out fine. I was a little concerned about the potatoes being underdone, so I cooked them covered for 30 minutes and then uncovered for 30 minutes -- they came out perfect (any less time would have been underdone).