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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


To get the crispiest skin, put some pressure on your bird

Georgian-Style Chicken Under a Brick (Tsitsila Tabaka)

2 hours (50 minutes active)

Spatchcocked chicken cooked under a brick until the skin is burnished brown and beautifully crisp is a classic Georgian dish (though the Italian version, pollo alla mattone, is better known). For this recipe, the skillet in which the chicken is cooked must be ovensafe, as the bird roasts in the oven after the initial stovetop sear. For the “brick,” we used a second heavy skillet or a large, sturdy pot (such as a Dutch oven); the weight presses the chicken down, ensuring the bird makes good contact with the hot skillet, rendering the fat and crisping the skin. You also could use one or two clean bricks wrapped in heavy-duty foil. Niortskali, a Georgian garlic sauce with lemon and cilantro made as part of this recipe, is the perfect pan sauce to complement the chicken

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