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Greek-Style Braised Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Orange

4 Servings

45 minutes

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On the Greek island of Ikaria, Diane Kochilas introduced us to an ultrasimple yet remarkably delicious dish of chickpeas layered with tomatoes, herbs, orange and honey that is baked for a couple hours to fuse and concentrate the flavors. Our version simmers canned chickpeas on the stovetop with many of the same ingredients and is ready in under an hour, yet the flavors are equally rich and complex. We liked this dish made with a strong, dark honey, such as buckwheat, but a milder variety works, too. Orange blossom honey is a good option, as it echoes the citrus notes of the orange zest and juice. Serve with crusty bread, and perhaps some briny feta alongside.




Don’t forget to reserve ¼ cup of the chickpea liquid before draining. The liquid lends the dish body and flavor that water cannot.

45 minutes



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Deirdre C.
January 24, 2024
Even Better Left Over
Delicious, easy recipe. The orange became intense the next day which was great. Next time I will cut the onion slices into shorter lengths.
Aria R.
September 25, 2022
a family favorite!
Our family - my husband and I plus four children ages 14-21 - absolutely adores this dish! We have made it more times than I can count and have served it to guests many times. I love that I can purchase my canned ingredients ahead of time and pull this off at the end of a week or when my fresh ingredients are running low.
Jodi G.
September 13, 2022
Awesomeness! So easy. So delicious!
It was so incredibly easy and EXTREMELY tasty. My husband wolves chickpeas (hummus) but wasn’t sure he’d like a main course of it. Well, well. He did! Served over farro….scrumptious! I’ve made it several times and just got “all” the ingredients to make it at my parent’s house. Mom is VERY skeptical. Dad will try everything. I’ll post when after we’ve had it….sometime this week.
Kari W.
October 5, 2022
The reviews really sell this one. I liked it a lot, but I’m wondering how lemon would be instead of the orange. I love lemon. I was shocked by how much I loved the drizzle of honey at the end - I don’t normally care for it, but it definitely makes this special.
Jonathan M.

This is a great recipe. The concentrated flavors and copious herbs make this seemingly ordinary chickpea dish a big surprise!

Marcia I.

Once prepared, it is a good dish to travel with. I recently prepared at home and served for lunch when skiing in VT. It was a hit because it is so flavorful.

Molly B.

If you were to make this with dried but soaked beans, how would you modify the recipe? Could you bake in the oven for 1 or 2 hours after you add the onion and other seasonings? Thanks!

Julieann C.

I would precook them to the desired tenderness. I cooked my chickpeas from dry, then drained and added them to the recipe. Based on my experience cooking pinto beans, beans do not cook to soft when you have an acidic ingredient, like tomatoes, in the pot.

Ronny E.

I'd say that you could soak the beans and then simmer them until they are cooked, perhaps 15 minutes less than usual, and then finish it as in Step 2. Canned chickpeas are convenient, but I agree with you that dried beans are where it's at!

Denise L.

This is a delicious dish. I was out of tomato paste, so I used some Turkish red pepper paste instead. Perfect substitute here -- maybe even an improvement. I also used dried chickpeas that I cooked separately first.

Jodi G.

Awesomeness! So simple and the flavors are incredible! A definite keeper!!!!


Made it and it was so flavorful and delicious.

John M.

As others have noted, this is an extremely flavorful way to prepare chickpeas. With my first forkful, I was taken quite by surprise at how good it was. My guests loved it, too. It's a keeper! Thanks, Ms. Hill & Milk Street team!