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Korean Stir-Fried Chicken with Rice

4 Servings

50 minutes

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In Seoul, we tasted several versions of maeun dakgalbi, a communal dish enjoyed in two stages. A wide, flat pan is placed on a burner at the center of the table for cooking a group-sized spicy, saucy stir-fry of chicken, chewy rice cakes and vegetables. When everyone has had their fill, cooked rice (or sometimes noodles) is added to the leftovers in the pan, along with a few aromatics and seasonings. The grains, spread into a thin, even layer, pick up the tasty caramelized bits in the pan and also take on some browning and crisping of their own, creating flavorful fried rice. This two-stage table-top cooking is impractical at home, so we combined both stages into one and cook it in a 12-inch nonstick skillet on the stovetop. Though we typically use cold cooked rice to make light, fluffy fried rice, here we use freshly cooked short- or medium-grain rice, which has a satisfying chew.




Don’t stir too often after adding the rice and don’t be afraid to allow the grains to crisp and charred in spots. The goal is to develop some nurungji, which means “scorched rice” in Korean.

50 minutes


  • 2

    tablespoons gochujang

  • 2

    tablespoons soy sauce


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Michael Y.
December 30, 2023
Really, really good. Pretty simple too once you've got the rice cooked and ingredients chopped.
Hannah B.
December 17, 2023
Fantastic Fried Rice!!
A delicious week-day recipe for fried rice.
Yaoli Y.
December 13, 2023
Really tasty and got the nurunji just right!
The key was following the timing as described in the recipe. I omitted sweet potato and added bell peppers and carrots instead. I used a cast iron pan and plenty of oil to sear the chicken so it doesn’t stick to the pan. It turned out so well, rivals any Korean restaurant!
Joel P.
November 11, 2023
Fun variation on typical fried rice. I used tofu instead of chicken with the same technique - next time I'll probably cut the tofu into 1/2 in pieces to allow them to crisp up a bit more. Good flavor all around. Used Botan Calrose rice.
Charles r.
October 11, 2023
Incredible flavor
Great flavor and easy-to-follow instructions. Don't shy away from really crisping up the rice, wait longer than you think and you get an additional depth of flavor and texture. But, I have no idea how anyone fits all this into a 12 inch skillet and still doesn't crowd the pan or end up with some mushiness to the texture.