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Oeufs Mayonnaise

Makes 12 egg halves

40 minutes

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Oeuf mayonnaise is a beloved French bistro classic of halved hard-cooked eggs that are garnished with mayonnaise. At Le Saint Sebastien in Paris’ 11th arrondissement, we had a lesson in how to prepare the hors d’oeuvre from chef Chris Edwards, vice-champion of the 2021 Oeuf Mayo World Championship. The dish is a fine example of how details really matter when the ingredients are so few. After much testing, we found no better way to cook the eggs than Edwards’ technique of adding them to simmering water, cooking for about 8½ minutes, then immediately plunging them into ice water. This yields just-set yolks with a touch of translucency at the center, along with shells that easily peel away. As for the mayonnaise, we make our own by hand. We followed Edwards’ lead and use Dijon mustard for piquancy as well as to aid with emulsification, plus lemon juice for bright flavor. The recipe makes more mayonnaise than is needed; use leftovers within a few days as a sandwich spread, condiment or base for a salad dressing. Alternatively, flavor it with garlic, fresh herbs and/or lemon zest for use as an accompaniment to roasted vegetables, french fries or Spanish tortillas.

Makes 12

egg halves


Don’t add the oil too quickly to the egg yolks when beginning to make the mayo. Whisking it in drop by drop to start helps ensure that a stable emulsion forms—you will know it has if the mixture begins to thicken and “tighten.” The rate at which the oil is added can gradually be increased, but make sure that you’re whisking continuously as you stream in the oil. Note: The mayonnaise contains raw eggs.

40 minutes


  • 2

    large egg yolks, plus 6 cold whole large eggs in their shells

  • 1

    tablespoon Dijon mustard


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