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A pantry staple is the unlikely hero that keeps this pork tender and moist

Peking-Style Shredded Pork Stir-Fry

45 minutes

Peking-Style Shredded Pork Stir-Fry

Jin jiang rou si, or Peking shredded pork, is a simple stir-fry in which pork is cut into thin strips, quickly cooked and seasoned with an intensely flavorful mixture of which tián miàn jiàng, or sweet bean sauce, is a key ingredient. We’ve adapted the dish for Western kitchens by using a skillet instead of a wok and easy-to-find hoisin sauce in place of tián miàn jiàng. Marinating the strips of pork for a few minutes with soy and sherry, then coating them with cornstarch and oil (a process known as velveting), results in well-seasoned meat that browns well yet remains moist and tender. The coating also helps the sauce cling to the pieces. The savory-sweet dish typically is served with a wrapper of some sort (moo shu pancakes or bean curd sheets), but simple steamed rice is a good accompaniment, or try serving it in or with lettuce leaves.

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