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Milk Street Recipe

Sherry-Soaked French Toast (Torrijas)

25 minutes

This is our take on torrijas, Spain's version of French toast. Cinnamon and citrus are typical flavorings, but for complexity, we also added dry sherry, which infused the bread with a subtle nuttiness and caramel undertones. Challah isn't typical for torrijas, but we liked its eggy richness and tender crumb. Torrijas are especially good warm from the oven, when the outsides are delicately crisp and the insides are soft and custardy, but they're also great at room temperature. Unlike regular French toast, the bread for torrijas is sweetened throughout, so skip syrup for serving—berries or a fresh fruit compote are the best accompaniments. You'll need a thermometer to gauge the temperature of the oil for frying.

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