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Singapore Chili Shrimp

4 Servings

20 minutes

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This shrimp dish features a balance of sweet, savory and spicy. Don’t be surprised by the ketchup—it’s a standard ingredient in Singapore chili shrimp. To achieve a shrimp flavor that suffuses the dish, we puree a few raw shrimp into the sauce; this also gives the sauce a rich, full-bodied consistency. Serve with steamed rice.




Don’t overcook the shrimp. Remove them from skillet as soon as they turn opaque. We liked the dish made with extra-jumbo shrimp; if you use smaller, they'll require a shorter cooking time.

20 minutes


  • 4

    large shallots, peeled and quartered

  • 2

    inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and sliced ½-inch thick


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M C.

I made this recipe for a Singaporean guest. She was so dismayed by my "wasting" 6 jumbo shrimp for the sauce, she asked that I post this comment for her: "Please don't grind up and throw away lovely jumbo shrimps. Buy smaller, cheaper shrimps for sauce."

Anna R.

The flavors of this were so intense and delicious. Perfect weeknight meal. It would be delicious with a side of salty greens

Linda K.

So easy! Just the right amount of spiciness. I didn't use jumbo just weighed what I had close to 125 gm. I like the suggestion to serve greens; arugula perhaps. Would be great party dish as you can prep everything ahead of time. I also used high end Thai fish sauce; Red Boat.

Cynthia F.

Another winner! For the chili-garlic sauce, I used Sriracha and reduced the amount to 2 tablespoons. I'm a little bit of a whimp when it comes to heat, and this was just the right amount for me. I used the regular-sized Argentinian red shrimps from Trader Joes's. Seconding the recommendation for Red Boat Fish Sauce.

Bill O.

It was good, but I probably wouldn't make it again. Tasted like an app for a football game- shrimp in Franks Hot Sauce with fish sauce. Definitely needs a side veg as a dinner

Dedalus W.

IF you count any ingredient in the above list that might qualify as liquid, you get to about 1.25 cups. Yet, after all the cooking you're told you will have "about 1 1/4 cups liquid" in the strained sauce. (I understand shrimp might release some liquid) I had no where near this amount. The sauce was rather lacking. That plus flavor was weird, not sure what I might have done wrong...

Lynn C.

Hi Dedalus -

The shallot, ginger, and lemongrass would all provide a pretty significant amount of liquid as well. It's key to press on the solids in the strainer to ensure you release all of the liquid.

The Milk Street Team