Pasta with Spiced Eggplant and Roasted Peppers

4-6 Servings

35 minutes

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This recipe is loosely based on the Greek eggplant and pasta dish called pseftopetinos that originates on the island of Lemnos. Eggplant typically is best if it is browned to caramelize some of its natural sugars and develop flavor, but instead of using a skillet on the stovetop, we fire up the broiler and brown the eggplant and onion together on a baking sheet. The heat of the broiler also blooms the spices that season the vegetables. Silky, subtly smoky roasted peppers add color and subtle sweetness that complements the spices. We finish the dish with fresh parsley and creamy ricotta (the cheese is optional, but is a great way to bring together the flavors and textures).




Don’t worry if the eggplant isn’t fully tender after broiling. The eggplant-onion mixture will be combined with the parboiled pasta and cooked for a few minutes to ensure the textures soften and to meld the flavors. And so the pasta doesn’t wind up overdone when cooked with the vegetables, don’t boil it until al dente. Drain it when the noodles are shy of al dente, with a fair amount of bite at the center.

35 minutes


  • 1

    pound short pasta such as gemelli, fusilli or campanelle

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper