Spicy Broccolini with Seared Tofu and Sesame Oil

4 Servings

35 minutes

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This hearty vegetarian main gets its spicy-salty earthiness from chili-bean sauce, or toban djan, a common ingredient in Sichuan cooking. The brownish red sauce is sold in jars; if it’s not available, approximate the flavor by mixing 2 tablespoons red miso with 1 tablespoon Asian chili-garlic sauce. We use a sear-then-steam skillet technique to cook the Broccolini; it builds flavor with browning but also allows the vegetable to cook up succulently crisp-tender. Serve with steamed rice and optional garnish of toasted sesame seeds and/or chili oil.




Don’t use medium firm tofu, as it’s too delicate. Firm or extra-firm are the best options. After slicing the tofu, press the slices between paper towels to wick away excess moisture. Finally, when adding the tofu to the skillet, don’t simply dump it in with the marinade. Rather, lift out the slices and place them in a single layer in the pan; reserve the marinade for cooking the Broccolini.

35 minutes