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Thai Salad Rolls with Green Chili Dipping Sauce

Makes ten 6-inch rolls

1½ hours

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Thai salad rolls are a cousin to better-known Vietnamese summer rolls. This recipe melds our favorite qualities of the many rolls we tasted during a recent visit to Bangkok. The filling is an unusual mixture of seasoned pork combined with browned shallots and cooked jasmine rice, plus fresh carrots, lettuce and aromatic Thai basil (Italian basil is a fine substitute). The tangy, spicy, umami-rich dipping sauce brings all of the flavors into focus. Be sure to soak the rice wrappers one at a time and only right before use. You want them to just start to soften, which takes only seconds. They will fully soften on the counter while you layer on the fillings. The finished rolls can be held at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap, for about two hours before serving; it’s best not to refrigerate them, as chilling affects the texture of the wrappers and filling.

Makes ten

6-inch rolls


Don’t attempt to fill the rolls if the pork-rice mixture is any warmer than room temperature. Any residual heat can wilt the greens and over-soften the rice paper wrapper. Also, don’t overfill the rolls or they’ll be too difficult to roll.

1½ hours

For the dipping sauce:

  • ½

    cup lime juice


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Yaoli Y.
July 20, 2023
Very tasty
It was so flavorful it tasted good even on its own! The sauce made it even better. I used ground chicken instead of pork because it was all that I had on hand, otherwise followed the recipe. We felt satisfied eating it as a main dish
Kathy C.
July 2, 2023
I followed this recipe exactly. So delicious and so fresh. Great as a heavy appetizer or a light dinner. Especially when it’s hot outside. Couldn’t recommend this enough.
Dana P.
June 28, 2023
Explosion of flavor
Everyone was so hungry, we didn’t let these sit after rolling them. They are better if you do, but we were all very happy anyway. I think it’s all about the quality of each item that you use, the carrots and the basil should be top notch. Will definitely make again!
Drew M.
July 22, 2023
Maybe a different sauce!
The rolls themselves were delicious, however, I would choose a different sauce. 1/2 cup of lime juice is pretty bonkers. It tasted like spicy, salty, citric acid. Instead, I chose to make a peanut dipping sauce and a Vietnamese nuoc cham dipping sauce. These worked out better for me. Aside from the sauce, the rolls were tasty and the leftovers were just as good the next day.